Chainsaws for Your Garden

Poulan P3416 Chainsaw – One power-packed son of a gun

There are many things to look for when trying to decide between chainsaws. Reliability is a big factor. How many times have you been in the middle of a job only to be stranded mid-cut because the belt came off, the engine blew, or the chain slipped? It’s disgusting. No worries of that type with the new Poulan P3416 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw. The P3416 is definitely reliable. Many people have reported that they didn’t winterize them, left them sitting for long periods of time, and when it came time to use them, they fired right up. No stalling, no having to drain the fuel and clean the thing. Reliability has made this little saw popular with both the homeowner and the professional.

Poulan P3416

More professionals are turning to the Poulan P3416 because it seems this saw loves to cut branches and clean up debris from storms. Some of the most used saws were the P3416 during all of the damage and storms that have hit the US just during the past few years. And, the P3416 was there to help make things right again. Chainsaws can be pricey, so reliability coupled with affordability make this a good all round candidate. When bought properly and with great thought, a chainsaw can last for a long time. These tools are not like the average homeowner’s tool collection.

Pros & Cons

One of the main features of the Poulan P3416 is that the chain brake is inertia activated, so that the user doesn’t have to worry about the chain seizing up in the middle of a job. This is also an additional safety feature, protecting the user from accidental pulls or tears from the material being sawed. Other features that make this saw virtually indestructible are that it has an auto oiling system. Other chainsaws claim to have this feature, but then you have to push a button to release the oil. Not so with the P3416. One nice thing about the P3416 is that the manufacturers understand that one grasp size does not fit all. The handle is wide enough that someone with large hands doesn’t have to reposition for the tough cuts, and it is also useable for those users with smaller hands. Additional features to the grip include padding, grip covers, and a rubber rip that protect your hands while you work. Some users complain about vibrations that may not be suitable for women or young adults. And some others complain that it doesn’t feel substantial enough weighing in at approximately 15-16 pounds.

Many machines if they have to sit idle too long tend to develop clogging issues. Not so with this saw. This machine holds its strength and durability whether it’s used every day on the professional’s job, or kept on the shelf most of the time in the homeowner’s garage. It also does not kick back the dust when it is cutting anything, such as log, or tough branch. This makes it easier for the user to see what he/she is cutting, adding to the safety of the chainsaw. The bare basics about this machine that you need to know are that it usually comes with a one year warranty, sixteen inch chainsaw, ideal for simple jobs, has a very clean air filtration system, comes fully assembled, auto oils itself, and has the basic dimensions of 32 by 11.6 by 12 inches. Most models hold about 34cc’s of gas, weighs 16 pounds, and can tear through thickest brush out there.

The best way to judge for yourself, of course, is to try one. There are numerous videos on the net showing the power of the machine, but until the weight and balance of the chainsaw is felt, one cannot fully understand why Poulan owners become so proud, even protective, of their chainsaws. This is because most who own a Poulan chainsaw won’t part with them, and most have had one for many years…making them part of their go-to equipment to have on hand. Based on real reviews by customers who own one of the Poulan P3416 they are extremely satisfied with its performance, its reliability, its comfort, and its pricing. It comes fully assembled and ready to take on any job, big or small, that you may ask of it.


Oregon CS250E Chainsaw

There is a piece of equipment that is essential for all those who need or want to work with tools especially chainsaws. This piece of equipment comes standard for many of those who like to practice the industrial arts. This is a piece of equipment that many people will use and enjoy. The Oregon Oregon PowerNow CS250E is a 40 volt lithium ion rechargeable electric chainsaw which comes with a 14 inch blade and a 40 ion volt battery. It is a battery that lasts through the duration of the job. It is one of the fine pieces of equipment made by the Oregon power equipment company. One can look at a number of positive reviews of this piece of equipment. some of the things that those who have used this chainsaw have stated is that they don’t have to hire anyone to do their yard work now. “They can do it themselves.” The Oregon CS250E is something that is made by Oregon products and who have lots of experience making power equipment that lasts.

Oregon CS250E

One of the other features of the Oregon PowerNow CS250E is that can be recharged and takes a short time to be able to charge the battery. One can completely charge the battery of Oregon CS530E is as little as 2 hours time. This can be ready for use quickly, and will allow the individual to be able to take the saw into many different outdoor situations and use it appropriately. For those who are looking for a durable chainsaw that is quiet, and can be used with a variety of different household projects they need to look no further than the Oregon PowerNow CS250E. It is an electric chainsaw that will work more effectively than nearly any others that you have seen on the market. Many people will like the Oregon CS520E for use on their property. Next time you are looking for a chainsaw for home use. You need to look no farther than the Oregon PowerNow CS250E. It is a quality product that is well worth the money. You need to look no further than the great people who make Oregon CS250E products.